txtylz® TOKNZ gift Crown

A crown for the princess you are. Joan Severance never has a dull moment. These toknz are hand crafted on her downtime on movie sets.

Be one of the few that has been offered these unique celebrity treasures.

One of a kind, solid end grain maple, Hand stamped and engraved. Wear them, scent them, gift them. Enjoy!!!

These items will ship between October 1-14, 2019 and after October 24, 2019

  • Crown: 2 available
  • Heart: 1 available
  • Star: 2 available
txtylz® toKnz - one of a kind art pieces hand crafted in the USA by actress Joan Severance. These toknz are attached to a gift card and enclosed in a cellophane resealable envelope.Each one is unique, custom orders welcome.
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